These Clear Cat-Shaped Cakes Are Made Out Of Water And I Need One Now

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These jiggly water cakes are shaped like cats and I NEED one now!


Yes, you heard me correctly! This cat-shaped cake is made out of water! Sounds pretty interesting, huh?

These jiggly cakes are Mizu Shingen Mochi which translates to “Holding water” because they are literally giant water droplets!

Japan always seems to create the most adorable things, from toys to sweet treats!

They also get some of the coolest looking Starbucks drinks in my opinion!

At first glance, I had assumed that these cakes were made out of Jello, but they are literally made using water as the primary ingredient!

These translucent ‘cakes’ aren’t said to have much of a flavor and are usually garnished with Kinako (Roasted Soybean Flour) and Kuromitsu (Black Sugar Syrup) to add flavor and texture.

The Kinako adds a nutty flavor (like soymilk does) as well as a bit of texture, while the Kuromitsu adds sweetness!

The cake’s texture is pretty much what you would expect and bears a strong resemblance to the consistency of Jello.

But unlike Jello, you need to eat this quickly or it will start to melt!

The ingredient list is short and simple; Agar, Sugar, and Water! It’s crazy that something that appears so complex contains just three ingredients!

Now you may be wondering; What on earth is Agar?! Well, I had never heard of it either until I did some research!

Agar is a by-product made from Red Algae and is used as a gelling agent similar to the way you would use gelatin.

Now if you’re like me and aren’t able to book a trip to Japan anytime soon… don’t worry! I found this recipe to make your own!

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