They Just Inaugurated The First All Girl Troops Into The Boy Scouts. What?

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Maybe I am crazy, but wasn’t the point of allowing girls into the boy scouts to integrate the troops? To make it more inclusive?

I don’t understand why we are getting excited about all girl troops in the boy scouts. I don’t understand why this is even a thing. Why aren’t we integrating these troops?

Wasn’t that the point of all this?

Why can’t the boy scouts and the girl scouts come together and just like… make one big “scouts?” They could pool their resources, share camps, etc.

Think of all the learning possibilities and opportunities that would be available to both programs.

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In a world where we are constantly struggling and growing to teach our kids to be more inclusive, to worry less about gender norms and more about being good people– why would we be excited about an all girl troop joining the scouts?

I mean, why wouldn’t the all girls troop just be girl scouts? This isn’t making a ton of sense to me.

We should be excited when the existing boys start welcoming the girls with open arms. When they can coexist side-by-side and not independent of each other.

Look I get it. Sleepovers and camp outs are going to be an issue. I am not blind to this problem. I know this is going to change some things.

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I know that putting boys and girls together can cause a whole mess of problems that a lot of troop leaders aren’t ready to deal with. But, this is happening, so it might be time to get on board with it.

Just, don’t take two steps back when we just took a giant leap forward. Include EVERYONE in the troops.

No more all boys. No more all girls. K?

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  1. This is utter bull crap boy scouts or Boy Scouts if you’re going to have a troop full of girls it is Girl Scouts they want to do the same thing as us fine but that is a Girl Scout Troop I grew up where Boy Scouts was for men to learn how to be men and boys became men now we split things up and say now we have a Boy Scout Troop but it’s all girls this is ridiculous this is all happening because the damn millennials can’t coexist with each other everybody has to be equal the snow flakes get what they want makes me sick

  2. I’m sorry but this is another everyone wins crap show. This is about attention seeking and instead of making a decision that will help insecure people understand that we are different we incourage it because somehow we lost grip on our lives pushing at the next generation. We as a country are going to get our shit handed to us because we don’t want our feeling to get hurt. Wash!

  3. Because the boy scouts of america is a completely different organization than the girl scouts. Boy Scouts are nominally run by the LDS church and thats why they do things the way they do, and GS have always been more progressiv because they are not.

    by LDS standards this IS progress.

  4. Did you know that all men must register for the armed service in the USA, but women don’t have to; Isn’t this strange with this equal rights ME 2 movement. Girl Scouts with Boy Scouts will bring about BIG problems. I think it should be left as it is. Change isn’t always good & I think this is one of them. Leave it as it was.

  5. Why is this a thing tho? In the netherland we Dont have boys and girls scouts we Just have scouts. Was part of it for years. It was fun to be in the forrest for hours with boys and girls my age. We where all treated equally (I was in leadership roles for most of the time) and Yes we had separate bathroom,showers and tents. ??‍♀️

  6. If they were coed the girls would end up holding a majority of the leadership positions and that is a requirement to advance so the boys would never make the next rank.

  7. I am an active Boy Scout leader and have been a Scout leader for over 30 years. I understand your concerns here and feel the same way. Knowing how Scouting works, I suspect this is a transition point in the Scouting program. As new programs have been included in Scouting over the years, that is the typical way it happens. National leadership is VERY conservative, but individual packs and troops are more open. At present I am a Cub (elementary school age) leader. Our Pack has girls’ dens and boys’ dens at each level, per the requirements set out by National. In our Pack though, the two dens just happen to meet at the same time and place and work on the same things. Over time, National will see that it works at the local level to do this and will change the format. It just takes patience for things to work through.