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Tom Hanks Snapps at The Paparazzi After His Wife Gets Pushed and Honestly, Good For Him

Everyone is talking about Tom Hanks right now after he snapped at the paparazzi after his wife got pushed.

Honestly, good for him.

Sure, these people are celebrities and being followed by paparazzi is part of the gig BUT sometimes, I think the paparazzi goes too far.

In the now viral video, you see Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson walking alongside security to their car.

As they are walking, fans and the paparazzi cut Tom off from Rita and get so close, they nearly knock Rita over.

She turns around says “Guys, stop it!” then proceeds to walk off.

That’s when Tom turns around and yells “Back the Fu** off”.

Then he continues to say: “Knocking over my wife”.

Again, he did this without any physical altercation with fans or the paparazzi (um, Will Smith could take notes from this).

The paparazzi then proceeds to apologize for what happened but seriously, it shouldn’t have happened.

The great thing about cameras these days is, they can take pics from a far. They should never be that close to someone.

Good on Tom Hanks for protecting and standing up for his wife!!

You can watch the video below.