Vans Released Pink Velour Sneakers and Now I’m Ready to Go Back to the ’90s

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If you want to throw your money at something special, check out these velour sneakers from Vans!

Credit: Vans

I mean come on! Check out that custom hardware!

Credit: Vans

They also feature the classic sidestripe and are topped off with pink velvet uppers!

Easy on/off with the elastic laces because I am NOT as young as I was in the ’90s! Then they also have padded collars for support and flexibility that my geriatric self needs. Oh and don’t forget the rubber waffle outsoles.


The shoe company we all know and love recently teamed up with New York fashion designer Sandy Liang. She created this amazingly awesome flashback to the late ’90s! Like SUPER awesome. I don’t throw that word around.

But wait, there’s more! Listen up friends, it isn’t just sneakers! They have accessories! Can it get any better than this? I don’t see how! I mean really, how do you top this?

I feel like I am thrown back in time and man does it feel good to be back there! This limited-edition Vans x Sandy Liang collection just came out, so snag it while you can!

There are nine pieces of apparel as well as accessories. This flashback line up includes snakeskin-print biker shorts! I’ll be sporting those at the next Poison concert! You know you want to go right?

Credit: Vans

There is even a hoodie with matching sweatpants! Say what?? Oh and don’t forget the rad fanny pack!

Credit: Vans

Can you really ever have too many shoes? If you said yes, then I’m not sure we can be friends. I need a pair of each please!

Credit: Vans

Anyone else ready to go hang out at the food court with me? I’ll be the one hanging out in my new leopard and tartan limited-edition Vans sneakers! Or maybe my blush-pink velour Vans sneakers! Either way, I’ll be the cool one.

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