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You Can Get An Inflatable Christmas Highlander Cow To Put in Your Yard For The Holidays

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I’m definitely not a Grinch, but I don’t usually put out Christmas lawn decorations.

Not that I don’t love them in other people’s yards. I’m just too lazy to put them up.

But, this year I might just break down and set up my yard in Griswold holiday style.

I mean, you have to check out this Airblown 3 1/2 Foot Christmas Highlander Cow that you can get for your yard this holiday season.


It’s almost too cute not to put up in your yard for Christmas!

And, it couldn’t be easier to set up — even for my lazy butt.


Setup is super simple. Just plug it in, stake it down and watch the magic unfold. 


This Christmas Highlander Cow self-inflates in seconds, and then deflates when you’re ready to put it up after Christmas.

It also comes with everything you are going to need to set it up in your yard, so you don’t have to go searching for random tethers and ties at the hardware store.

The Christmas Highlander Cow shines bright with energy efficient LED bulbs.

All you have to do is plug it into an electricity source with the included 5-foot cord.


And, the best part — this Christmas Highlander Cow is only 17 bucks! I can hardly believe it!!

To get your own Airblown Christmas Highlander Cow, head on over to the Walmart website.


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