Turns Out, Honey May Be Better At Treating Coughs And Colds Than Over-The-Counter Medications

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Well, this is just about the most TASTY treatment for the common cold that I have ever heard of.

It turns out that HONEY might be more effective at treating coughs and colds than even OTC (that’s Over The Counter, for all you not in the know) medications, and this makes me so happy!!

I mean, it makes sense. Look at all the medications that have honey in them!

There are children’s cough syrups that use honey as the main ingredient, there’s Theraflu that uses honey, there are a plethora of cough drops that use honey, and there is even the Medihoney that hospitals use to treat skin infections and burns (I’m an RN, so I know these things).

So, honey has long been known to be a natural antibacterial agent and cough remedy.

But, somehow, the medical community continues to rely on antibiotics and (really gross tasting) cough syrups to fight those pesky colds and coughs.

Since the majority of URTIs (upper respiratory infections) are viral, antibiotic prescription is both ineffective and inappropriate — However, a lack of effective alternatives, as well as a desire to preserve the patient-doctor relationship, both contribute to antibiotic over prescription.

Physicians from Oxford University’s Medical School and Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences

It is IMPORTANT to note that honey should NOT be giving to babies under one year of age. It can be toxic to wee babies, in a way that older children and adults can handle.

BUT, that being said, you may want to try it as a remedy for your hacking and coughing BEFORE you reach for that concoction of OTC drugs.

Side Note: we used to give it to my daughter, who suffered from croup coughing when she was younger, and it REALLY helped ease her nighttime coughing in a way that NOTHING else seemed to do.

There has even been a study done that shows that honey is better at treating symptoms in children of coughing and the sleep problems that come with it. The honey even worked better than dextromethorphan and the antihistamine diphenhydramine, which are found in common OTC medications.

Y’all. Honey is the bomb dot com when it comes to helping with upper respiratory symptoms.

A large catalog of previous research has proven that honey (also) has the power to kill bacteria. Studies have shown that it is effective against dozens of strains, including E. coli and salmonella.


I told you. Honey is the BEST kept secret around. Next time you or your children (older than 1 year of age) have an annoying cough, try reaching for that bottle of honey before you try that OTC medication.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor. If in doubt, ask your doctor for her (his?) advice on the not-so-controversial topic of honey.

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