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A Rare White Killer Whale Was Spotted Near Alaska and It Is Beautiful

Killer Whales are beautiful! I love watching them swimming along with boats and breaching.

Did you know that there are maybe 5 White Killer Whales in the whole world? It’s true! They’re very rare and one named Tl’uk was just spotted off the coast in Alaska!

Tl’uk is a two-year-old pale male. He was spotted swimming with a pair of adult orcas on August 7th and he was identified as the Killer Whale known as Tl’uk.

This footage of Tl’uk is west of Petersburg, Alaska. Look how beautiful he is! Could you imagine seeing him in person? The charter group that was on the Alaska Sea Adventures’ Northern Song was so lucky to witness this!

When [orcas go] underwater, usually they disappear and are very hard to follow. But having a white one under the water, you could see him an easy ten feet below the surface, this big white shape moving along there.

Sea Adventures owner Dennis Rogers told radio station KFSK

The unusual coloration of the White Killer Whales is caused by leucism. This is a condition that causes a loss of pigmentation. They are not albinos because it is not a complete loss of pigmentation.

Stéphanie Hayes

It is believed there are only about 5-10 leucism orcas in the world! Which makes it even cooler that he was spotted by the group. Apparently Tl’uk and his pod like British Columbia and Washington state a lot, he has been spotted there often. However, this is the first time he was spotted near Alaska!

A once in a lifetime sighting, killer whales with leucism are incredibly rare and even researchers never expect to see one in their career. Tl’uk appears to be a healthy member of his pod, and we welcome him on his first documented sighting in Alaska.

first mate Stéphanie Hayes, a marine biologist at the University of Alaska Fairbanks

Here is an amazing video of Tl’uk that was captured in 2019! Absolutely stunning!