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This New Series Basically Combines True Crime with Fixer Upper and I Can’t Stop Watching It

If you enjoy true crime series and unsolved mysteries or love those renovation home shows (or both) you are going to want to tune-in!!

There Is A New Murder House Renovation Series That is Made for True Crime Fans!

One thing that Chip and Joana have yet to tackle is fixing up a house in which a murder occurred. But don’t worry, someone else is coming in to take on the challenge…

Murder House Flip is the new true-crime series that takes houses where murdered occurred and turns them into the home of your dreams – basically Fixer Upper but with less magnolia and more murder.

The show originally aired on Quibi last year but it has since been shut down.

Now, you can watch every episode for free!!

Roku just picked up the rights for Murder House Flip and is offering all users and non-users free access to the series. 

In short: Every episode of Murder House Flip can be watched for free here.

The show will be executive produced by CSI and Bones’ Josh Berman, Penny Dreadful’s Chris King, and Katherine Ramsland.

Murder House Flip is described as an unconventional home-renovation show that takes on the country’s most infamous homes — the ones known for the mysterious murders and incredible intrigue committed within their walls. Homeowners turn to the colorful cast of forensic specialists, spiritual healers and high-end renovation experts to uncover the true crimes, shocking secrets and scandalous history of their homes. Then, cleansing renovations remove the stains of the past and take these homes from morbid to marvelous.”


This all means you can binge a murder house renovation episode while you finish your morning coffee or hiding from your kids in the bathroom.

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