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This Dr. Seuss Inspired Chalk Drawing Makes The Perfect Photo Opp For Graduating Seniors

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This chalk drawing that somebody made for the graduates of Norwin High School is simply amazing, and it makes the PERFECT photo opp!!


It’s that time of year when all those babies we have cared for and nurtured for 18-ish years graduate high school.

It’s bitter sweet, AMIRITE?!?

We are so proud of them and what they have accomplished, but we don’t want to let them go.

Everyone rushes around this time of year, trying to find the perfect gift to commemorate this monumental event.

But, it is sometimes the most simple things that turn out to be the coolest.

This user on Reddit posted a chalk drawing that he did for the graduates at his daughter’s high school.

It isn’t just a simple “Congratulations” chalk drawing — which is about the extent of what I could do.

This is chalk ART!!

This 3-D image of the cover of my FAVORITE book ever — Dr. Seuss’ Oh, The Places You’ll Go!


The students can stand at the tip top of the “mountain,” and strike a pose for the perfect picture.

Gah!! This might be my favorite senior picture opportunity ever!

If you want to buy your senior a copy of Oh, The Places You’ll Go as a graduation gift — I LOVE to buy these for graduates, and inscribe a note on the inside — you can pick up a copy on the Amazon website.


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