BORG is the New TikTok Trend Parents Need To Know About

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If you’re a parent of a teen or pre-teen this is something you need to know about…

“BORG” is the newest TikTok trend and it’s something parents need to be aware of.

What is BORG?

BORG stands for – Black-out Rage Gallon. It is a homemade cocktail popular among college students and has recently gone viral on social media.

And as we all know, anytime there is a new “trend” online, we typically start to see it happening with the younger generations too.

With that being said, parents should be aware of what it is so they can try to keep their underage kids safe.

What is in BORG?

BORG is traditionally made using a gallon of water, a bottle of vodka, and some sort of flavor enhancer such as Mio, Kool-Aid or Crystal Light.

Now, if you’re an adult, this really isn’t a problem but if you’re underage, this is a huge problem.

Aside from the fact we know kids shouldn’t be drinking, this is scary because kids may end up adding way too much alcohol in their BORG and can become extremely ill, get alcohol poisoning or worse.

There’s videos online of these BORG trends everywhere. Sure, some Gen Z are of legal drinking age, but many are still underage and shouldn’t be drinking.

There are even videos of people actually passing out after drinking BORG.

I mean, y’all, the name literally says BLACK OUT.


So, if you have a teen or pre-teen, make sure you talk to them about the dangers of underage drinking and tell them that taking part in this BORG trend is not okay.

Here’s some helpful resources to talk to your kids about it too:

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