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This Cotton Candy Maker Uses Hard Candies To Make That Tasty Candy Floss and My Kids Love It

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My kids are obsessed!! We got this Tabletop Cotton Candy Maker, and they have done nothing else for the last 24 hours!

Courtesy of Walmart

Do you remember going to be fair or the circus when you were little, and you would get a big cone of cotton candy, that would just melt in your mouth and give you an immediate sugar rush?


This Nostalgia Cotton Candy Maker brings back all those memories, and takes me right back to being a kid!!

Courtesy of Walmart

Y’all. The full name of this cotton candy maker is the Nostalgia Hard & Sugar-Free Candy Cotton Candy Maker. Ya know why?? You can throw your favorite hard candies in the reservoir, and make your cotton candy from your favorite hard candies!!

It’s so much fun!!

Courtesy of Walmart

Now, you obviously have to wait on the candies to melt, and get down to their basic liquid sugar form BEFORE you start making that sweet candy floss with your favorite hard candies, but the wait is totally worth it!

Courtesy of Walmart

You can also use crystalized sweet sugar (purchased separately) to make your yummy cotton candy. It doesn’t take quite as long to melt, so it is a bit easier to use — though I don’t think it’s as fun!

Courtesy of Walmart

It is important to note, this is a TABLETOP Cotton Candy Maker, and it only costs $28. It ain’t no professional quality, fair-type cotton candy maker, so it’s not going to pump out the sweet floss candy quite as rapidly as you may want.

I mean. It’s $28, what do you expect? It still works. It’s still fun. The kids absolutely love it!!

Courtesy of Walmart

Here’s a tip — let the candy in the machine get nice and heated up. Wait for the machine to build up a good layer of cotton candy around the edges of the bowl (Bowls don’t actually have edges, but you get what I mean) before you start rolling your cotton candy. Always roll horizontally, down inside the machine for the best results.

Courtesy of Walmart

You can get this AWESOMESAUCE cotton candy maker right on the Walmart website, and like I said, it is only 28 bucks!!


Now, if you don’t want to use hard candy to make your cotton candy (although this is BY FAR the most fun way), you can also purchase the Nostalgia Cotton Candy Kit — which contains 3 yummy flavors of cotton candy sugar.

This Cotton Candy Kit is only $20, and you can ALSO get it right on the Walmart website.

Courtesy of Walmart

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