You Can Get A Full Grinch Costume and My Heart Just Grew Three Sizes

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If you’re the type of individual who likes to celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving (and who could blame you), this costume might be for you.

You can now dress up as the Grinch with this full body costume which means you can officially start celebrating Christmas even earlier this year.

Courtesy of Walmart

The most iconic holiday character is now available in a giant neon green suit to wear!

The costume, includes a full-sized and furry suit that zips up from the back.

Courtesy of Walmart

Featuring a furry feel just like the Grinch and a red Santa’s hat to complete this costume, this Halloween fit looks exactly like the character from Whoville.

And if you’re wondering if this costume is separated into two halves for the head piece, you can count on this green suit to rather come all in one piece!

Courtesy of Walmart

That’s right, this Grinch costume comes assembled all in one which means you can count on the head, feet, and hands to be attached together.

Now the only hard part will be taking it out of the package it comes stuffed in.

Courtesy of Walmart

You can currently find the Grinch costume stocked at Walmart to wear for Halloween and Christmas!

Courtesy of Walmart

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