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You Can Spend Christmas At The ‘Home Alone’ House And I’m Packing My Bags

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We all have our list of yearly must-watch Christmas movies right?

I know we have quite an extensive list and ‘Home Alone’ is most definitely on there.

Now, imagine if you could watch some of your favorites like ‘Home Alone’ in the actual place they were filmed!

Well, you totally can!

Sarah Crowley / Airbnb

Airbnb is offering a one-night stay in the Chicago area mansion that was used in the iconic movie ‘Home Alone’!

They’re are joining the celebration of the release of the Disney+ reboot called ‘Home Sweet Home Alone’.


This stay is at the actual mansion from the original ‘Home Alone’ movie and I really want to go there!

You can try and snag a one-night stay starting December 7th at 1 p.m. CT, for a stay on December 12th and it’s just $25! What?

Sarah Crowley / Airbnb

The mansion will be decorated just like it was in the original movie, complete with a decorated Christmas Tree to enjoy during your stay.

It’s stocked up with 90s style snacks, aftershave, Chicago deep-dish pizza, an actual live tarantula and so much more!

  • Christmas tree
  • Booby traps
  • Aftershave
  • 90s junk food, including Chicago deep dish pizza
  • Candlelit Kraft mac and cheese dinner
  • Meet-and-greet with a real tarantula
  • Screening of the new movie ‘Home Sweet Home Alone
  • Lego Ideas ‘Home Alone’ kit to take home
Sarah Crowley / Airbnb


The house has booby traps that you can set up for some family fun as well!

Sarah Crowley / Airbnb

We may all be older and wiser now, but we’re never too old for holiday hijinks. So this year, spend the holidays not-so-home-alone at my parents’ house.

Buzz said in a press release
Sarah Crowley / Airbnb

Who do we have to thank for this awesomeness? Buzz McAllister, who is Kevin’s oldest brother in the movie.

You can learn more about the Home Sweet Home Alone Holiday Airbnb booking here!

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