If You’re Having Trouble Sleeping at Night, Try This Viral TikTok Hack That Puts You To Bed in Minutes

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Considering that the holidays are right around the corner, preparing for Thanksgiving dinner or writing our Christmas wishlist is keeping us up late at night. 

Maybe you’ve tried a weighted blanket or the sound of rain in the background, and still you find yourself preparing the guest list for Christmas Eve. 

Of course you can always try two new pillows but if that doesn’t work, consider this hack from TikTok instead. 

Thanks to social media user @bellerouge216 who’s video went viral after telling her sleeping trick, the video has racked up hundreds of thousands of views on ‘for you pages’.

Courtesy of @bellerouge216

And the trick, well that’s easy, Dr. Teal’s Sleep Spray with Melatonin & Essential Oils and if you don’t believe us, the comment section also agrees that the simple spray can make a bigger difference at night. 

Courtesy of Amazon

Since melatonin is originally known for curing sleep problems at night, it’s not surprising that a spray can have the same affect. 

In her viral video, @bellerouge216 even states that the product helps her fall asleep in less than 10 minutes and boy don’t we all wish for that! 

Courtesy of @bellerouge216

Available on Amazon, you can currently find Dr. Teal’s sleeping spray for just about $20 online as a stocking stuffer for Christmas or simply as a gift for the one counts sheep at night and still cannot fall asleep.

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