Welch’s Released New Fruit Snacks Stuffed With A Liquid Fruit Purée Filling And I Need Some

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Welch’s has come out with a new fruit snack and I must say, it is a beautiful glow up!

If you’re a fan of their original fruit snacks, it’s time for a change and a burst of liquid flavor.

The original fruit flavored snacks don’t have a juicy filling like the newer packs. They come in two different flavors and I can’t wait to pop a few in my mouth!


Exclusive to 7-Eleven stores, you can choose individual packs of Berry Blast or Island Splash and the names are remind me of a tropical smoothie in the islands somewhere .

Although if you’d rather buy in bulk, you can purchase boxes of the new fruit snacks in select grocery stores.


According to Welch’s ingredient list, the new liquid filling is made out of real fruit purée and I can’t wait to try it!


In total, Berry Blast and Island Splash introduce nine fruit flavors so with every bite, is a new fruity taste.

Next stop, 7-Eleven!

Courtesy of H-E-B

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