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‘S’mores in a Bag’ Is the Next Food Trend So You Can Eat S’mores On The Go

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Let’s just say it how it is; melted s’mores in a crispy graham cracker shell are not an easy snack to take on the go.

The solution is an easy fix and comes with absolutely zero change to the ingredients list of the classic s’more we all know and love.

Introducing s’mores in a bag, or traveling s’mores if you will.

Courtesy of @life.on.the.lake

Traveling s’mores are meant for on the go camping trips after a hike up a steep hill and when dinner is finished, assuming everyone has room for dessert of course.

Courtesy of @life.on.the.lake

S’mores in a bag also conquers the sweet tooth in the car road home, on a few hour long road trip, and lets just say it makes the portability of the classic s’more on a stick, a little more convenient.

Courtesy of @papajm25

To start, you’ll need a snack-size bag of Teddy Grahams (crushed or whole), throw in some chocolate squares or chocolate chips, toss in toasted, broiled marshmallows and stuff them in the bag while they’re hot!

Grab a utensil to gather all of the creamy and crunchy textures in the snack bag for every bite.

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Courtesy of @twoandabean

So if you’re rarely around a campfire we don’t blame you; traveling s’mores are an easy way to fulfill the decadent craving while still enjoying the ooey and gooey sweet treat; plus it’s a lot less messy.

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