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Here’s Where You Can Stream ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’

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It’s official, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is the #1 grossing film of 2023, and the 5th highest grossing animated film of all time.

We’ve seen it. Loved it.

But now, you might be wondering where you can catch this gym on the small screen.

Yep, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is already available to stream, and my son is begging to watch it.

You have to finish school for the year first, my friend!!

It isn’t yet available on sites like Peacock, Netflix or Hulu, but The Super Mario Bros. Movie is available to stream on premium video-on-demand now. 

What does that even mean?

It means that The Super Mario Bros. Movie, although available to watch, is going to cost you a bit more than a movie that has been out for a while.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is now streaming on both Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.

You can rent the film for $25, or you can own it for $30 on both platforms.

For that price difference, you better go with purchasing The Super Mario Bros. Movie. AMIRITE?!?

Worried that you have to have Amazon Prime or Prime Video to get the film on Amazon.

Never fear. You do not need a membership to Prime or Prime Video to buy The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

You can also still catch The Super Mario Bros. Movie in theaters. I’m probably going to watch it on the big screen once more before it disappears. You just can’t beat the giant screen!

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will probably eventually be on Peacock sometime in June or July, but that is definitely not confirmed as of yet.

But, if you go off other Universal films — like Minions: The Rise of Gru — it usually takes about a month or two before they drop it onto the Peacock streaming channel.

Until then, you can catch it on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.

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