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Here’s Why Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Are Spending Time ‘Apart’ Nearly 2 Weeks After Getting Married

I’m not going to lie, this sounds like the PERFECT situation!

They say ‘Distance Makes The Heart Grow Stronger,’ and it looks like Bennifer is taking full advantage!

Ben Affleck and J-Lo just got married, but it looks like, once the honeymoon was over, they knew it was time for a little break from each other.

Oh, don’t worry. It’s not ‘a break’ like they are already on the outs. They just know it is advantageous for their unique situation.

I mean, they are both busy doing their own things and finishing (or maybe even starting) acting and/or singing projects.

Spending time together is a major part of being married, but they also know that keeping their individual lives is super important.

The one thing that makes their relationship so unique is that they do know more than anyone else the demands that come with doing what they do.

A Source Via Hollywood Life

Let’s face it — they each make a HELL of a lot of money doing what they do. So, taking the time apart to do their own thing keeps them in a lifestyle that they have become used to.

And, with all that money, they can travel to be together whenever they want.

They actually believe that spending time apart from each other makes them stronger and it is perfect because when they are apart, they are making an extreme amount of money. It is a win-win situation.

A Source Via Hollywood Life

Don’t forget about texting and facetiming. They take full advantage of technology to keep their relationship strong.

They are always talking, texting, FaceTiming, and even camming when they are apart working. And the time that they spend away from each other makes reuniting again that much better. JLo loves the fact that she knows her husband will be there for her no matter what.

A Source Via Hollywood Life

The key is having those open and honest conversations and keeping the lines of communication open. Which they apparently do really well.

It’s something they’ve both acknowledged and discussed in great lengths throughout their relationship so it’s nothing new. Sure, being apart so soon after their wedding isn’t ideal. But they know they have their whole lives ahead of them and are loving every minute of the journey.

A Source Via Hollywood Life

If I’m honest, my own relationship would benefit from little breaks like this. How freeing it would be to have the commitment of marriage, and the love of a spouse, but be able to go and be yourself and do your own thing!

Maybe we can all take a lesson from Bennifer!!