‘Workin’ Moms’ Season 4 Is Available On Netflix and I’m Binge Watching It Now

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Have y’all seen the show Workin’ Moms, on Netflix? Season 4 is now available on Netflix and I’m totally excited!

They have taken motherhood, packaged it into a nice little box, and have gifted it to all us moms in the form of an awesome show.

Workin’ Moms focuses on THREE mommies who have young babies. They are all having to totally deal with different mommy experiences — BUT they are EVERY mom!

Kate Foster has to deal with loving her job, but also wanting to raise her baby. Frankie Coyne has some pretty bad postpartum depression. Anne Carlson just discovered she is pregnant — again.

It sounds like a pretty intense drama, but it is actually a comedy. They have somehow managed to capture what EVERY new parent goes through, and I love it.

Workin’ Moms debuted in Canada, but THANK GOODNESS, we now get to watch it in the U.S.

All 4 seasons are on Netflix right now!!

May 6th is the day — Mark your calendar — The new season of Workin’ Moms comes to Netflix. Yes, TODAY!

I am binge watching it right now and putting my phone on silent!

* It is VERY important to note, there is nudity, some language, and adult themes in the show. Don’t watch it with your littles in the room.

See the trailer for season one of Workin’ Moms, below.

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