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You Can Get Yarn Bowls That Makes The Yarn Look Like Snot Coming Out Of A Trolls Nose

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This lady on Etsy makes the most amazing and unique yarn bowls! You may be asking yourself, what’s a yarn bowl?

A yarn bowl is just like what it sounds like. A bowl that holds your yarn, with a hole that your yarn pulls through to keep everything tidy while you use it.

Most of her yarn bowls have hole through either the nose or the mouth where the yarn pulls though. She makes the most unique and creative faces! Truly a one of a kind gift!


She keeps pieces in stock, but they sell out really fast. You can also place an order for a custom piece. If you want to gift one to someone you can purchase a “You are so special” card and they can use that to order their own custom piece that they help design.

These are all one of a kind hand sculpted pieces of original functional art. I love functional art! It means it has a use besides just looking awesome in your home.


Each piece is wheel thrown, then the next day the bottoms are trimmed and she cuts the yarn guides. on the third day she begins sculpting the faces. She says it takes about an hour to sculpt the faces.

Once that is done she has to let them dry slowly, which can take a few days and even up to a week depending on the humidity and weather. After that, they are loaded into a kiln for firing which takes 48 hours from start to cool down.


The next thing she does is wet sand and then dried for another 2 days. Next comes the glaze, then clear coats for them. After that they have to dry for yet another day, and then back in to the kiln for another 48 hours from start to cool down.

Dude, that is a LOT of work! These are a labor of love and skill! They come in a few different sizes too!

You can check them out at SomethingLucky13 on Etsy!


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