Dear Parents, Please Invite All The Children To The Party

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There is a rule in place at my child’s school. It says that if you give one child a birthday party invitation, you must give ALL the children an invitation.

This does NOT always happen. In fact, it almost never happens.

At surface value, this may seem like a tedious rule.

“Ugh,” you might think, “I don’t want to invite 20+ kids to a child’s birthday party.”

I can see how you’d think that, but hear me out.

I volunteer at my children’s school, so I spend quite a lot of time with the kids.

In EVERY class, there are ALWAYS kids that are shy, more reserved, maybe loners, some may not even have friends.

There are also kids with autism, ADHD, or some other disorder that may make socializing difficult.

This does NOT mean that these children do not want to be included.

Even if they don’t quite know how to express themselves, these children long to be part of a group. They just want to be accepted.

I know it might be different or even feel a little awkward inviting these children to a party, but think of how great that one little act of inclusion will make a child feel.

Inviting them to hang out at a party might be the highlight of their year!

There is NOTHING wrong with having the parents stay to help out. Just the simple act of inclusion might make a WORLD of difference to that child who feels forgotten.

Also, if your kid is invited to a party by one of these children, please GO, just like you would if it were another kid in class.

There is NOTHING WORSE, and I speak from experience here, than being excited about, and carefully planning a fun party, only to have nobody show up. It is complete and utter devastation.

You have the choice, and the chance, to make a little human being feel loved and included.

Please, I implore you, make the choice to include that forgotten child!

Here are some super simple party ideas for tweens!


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  1. What next? Have them walk away with the gifts too? When you let an Auspie or a Special Needer, they will dominate everything! It will no longer be your child’s party as they will have to be catered to like a little king or queen at the damand of the parent (mainly the mother).

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