You Can Get A Boho Bell Tent To Take Camping To The Next Level

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My roommate has been BUGGING me to take a camping trip with her. I love camping, but here’s the thing, I go luxury camping and I have never taken a trip in the woods to set up camp.

Imagining that type of trip in my head would go a lot smoother than actual reality.

Courtesy of @StoutTent

With that being said, it does sound really fun and exciting, but I can’t stand spiders and seeing a few, I think is inevitable when you’re camping in the woods.

Therefore, I told her I would consider camping in a log cabin where there are less bugs, although this tent from Etsy, may have just changed my opinion.

Courtesy of @StoutTent

This boho Stout Bell Tent is made out of 100 percent cotton canvas. The best part about this tent is not only the large living space for two, but the mini plants hanging in the front, outlining the triangular shape.

Seriously, this is my dream tent and I’m willing to risk any sight of spiders or bugs just to camp in it. There’s even a handful of candles circling the inner pole that is holding the tent upright; I can only imagine how relaxing the atmosphere is when all the candles are lit.

Courtesy of @StoutTent

Of course these pictures I’m assuming are custom made and an individual who decorated this tent has some serious style; although that doesn’t mean you can’t take what you see as inspiration when you decorate yours.

Courtesy of @StoutTent

The Tout Bell Tent is $655 and you can purchase it on the Etsy account @StoutTent.

I just hope my first night at camping in the woods is a starry night.

Courtesy of @StoutTent

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