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You Can Get Limited Edition ‘Friday The 13th’ Nikes and Just Take My Money Now

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I can’t even believe my eyes! Friday the 13th themed Nikes? Yes, they are real and they are so cool! Perfect for outrunning all of the possible slasher dudes out there wandering around!

Warren Lotas

The new Nike “Friday the 13th” limited edition shoes are designed by artist Warren Lotas.

They will be available for sale on his website starting August 2nd, 2020 at 2 pm pst. Once you place your order they will start shipping in September.


The Nike shoe style used is Nike Dunk Low. The Nike swoosh logo has been altered to look like Jason’s iconic mask! The green signifies the forest where Jason is most often lurking around at Crystal Lake, and well…the red? Ha, slasher film y’all! That red is for the blood.

I’m pretty sure they are going to sell out super quick because well, have you ever seen anything like them? They are $300 per pair, so count your pennies before logging on to purchase yours.

Warren Lotas said that if for some reason your shoes haven’t shipped by October 15th, that he will give you $100 back, plus the shoes! So will you be online on August 2nd to snag a pair of these unique shoes? I wish I had that cash to spare right now because I would be all over this!


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