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You Can Order A Family Meal from Cracker Barrel and Get a Free Family Breakfast

I LOVE Cracker Barrel! That hashbrown casserole is one of the best things to ever exist! I always order the exact same thing every single time I go!

Cracker Barrel

Right now they are offering to-go family meals baskets. They have 5 different baskets available. Each one filled with family favorites! Southern food is comfort food!

Cracker Barrel
  • Scratch-Made Meatloaf
  • Chicken n’ Dumplins
  • Homemade Roast Beef
  • Sunday Homestyle Fried Chicken
  • All-Day Pancake Breakfast
Cracker Barrel

Each family meal baskets comes with 2 sides of your choice and buttermilk biscuits. Most of the family meals are about $20 and you can choose to add to them as well!

Now, Cracker Barrel has announced that they will also give you a free family breakfast with any to-go family meal basket! Um, that is AMAZING!

Cracker Barrel – Facebook

The breakfast comes with 4 of their layered bacon breakfast bowls. These come cold and you can reheat them easily for breakfast the next day.

Cracker Barrel

Some areas are even offering free delivery! All restaurants are offering curbside pickup.

I’m so hungry now… Learn more on the Cracker Barrel website. What a deal! So far we have only been eating food from home, but this may be a deal we can’t pass up!