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Cozy and Easy Meals Feature

Cozy & Easy Meals for the Fall

Every fall, it's the same crazy, hectic mess. I love it, but while I get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas, imminent school parties, my daughter being out of school for the holidays, and all sorts of other craziness, I need easy meals while life goes on among the crazy. No, correct that, I need Cozy & Easy Meals for the Fall, because, adding to all my personal crazy is the crazy-cold!One of my favorite recipes is shepherd pie, the easy kind, not the kind in my mom's old recipe … [Read More...]

Marie Callenders Pot Pies Feature

Emergency Dinner ~ Marie Callenders Pot Pies to the Rescue

We had a small, impromptu family dinner the other evening. One of those "oh, we were in the neighborhood" pop-in's from my parents, my daughter was hungry and suddenly I needed dinner-in a hurry! It was Marie Callenders Pot Pies to the rescue!The holidays are just around the corner and I'm so not in the mood to be making huge meals while I work on making 25 Un-Christmas Grinch Treats for my daughter's school party, or better yet, while I'm working on making Thanksgiving Dinner. So, when … [Read More...]

Graham Cracker Houses and Snowball Cookies Interim House

Graham Cracker Houses and ‘Smore Snowball Cookies!

Today, I needed a break from cooking pre-Thanksgiving food. Holy Smokes, I want to be a Thanksgiving Hero sooo BAD! But, ultimately, a girl can cook only so much before she just gets tired of thinking about that one meal. I wanted something fun and tasty...I had some Honey Maid Graham Crackers, a jar of Skippy Peanut Butter and an idea! Graham Cracker Houses and 'Smore Snowmen...a match made in holiday-heaven! #collectivebiasI'm so glad I didn't throw away that old Halloween candy and … [Read More...]

Floor Cleaning Hacks Feature txt

10 Floor Cleaning Hacks I Can’t Live Without

There's nothing I hate more than cleaning before a holiday party-or just cleaning in general. And cleaning the floors can be the worst chore of them all! I'm not kidding. My floor took notes from this floor-then they shared a cry-session. That's why I hunted the internet-verse and found these 10 Floor Cleaning Hacks I Can't Live Without.I'd like to just wake-up every morning to sparkling counter tops and unblemished kitchen sinks-not to mention spotless floors. But reality bites and I often … [Read More...]

allergy friendly oatmeal cookies

Aggression Cookies An Allergy-Friendly Oatmeal Recipe

The name "Aggression Cookies" cannot possibly encompass the awesomeness of this oatmeal recipe. They're fabulous, though, and, they're a great dessert for the holidays, being that they make early and last forever-which totally fits the bill for my 25 Thanksgiving Dinner Hacks.I don't talk about this very often, because we don't make it a big deal in our house, but some of us have allergies to nuts, eggs and even dairy. Regardless of it's big-deal-ness or not, though, we do have a lot of … [Read More...]

20 Healthy Holiday Appetizers

20 Healthy Appetizers for the Holidays

The holidays are filled with temptations to eat unhealthy treats. It's Ok to indulge a bit, but include a few healthy appetizers in your offerings too. Many of these options are good for vegetarian and gluten free guests. Consuming these appetizers may help your waistline as well. After all, Americans tend to gain up to 5 pounds during the holidays. Filling up on healthy foods first can help minimize your temptation to binge on treats.We've shared some great ideas for healthy treats for … [Read More...]

Diaper Bags under 30 Feature

25 {Stylish} Diaper Bags Under $30

Diaper bag emergency! My cute little diaper bag I was given at my baby shower has broken...what am I to do?! I'm not as frugal as I once was (if I'd had my baby-girl right after college when we got married, I would have used my backpack as a diaper bag!), but I still feel like it's a shame to spend more than $30 on a bag for diapers...I mean, really. So, here, I present 25 {Stylish} Diaper Bags for Under $30! (this post contains affiliate links)I love a good deal. Especially on something … [Read More...]