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10 things to send to your favorite college student

10 Things You Should Send To Your College Student

College is in full swing, and I will never forget how it felt in October. Totally tired of dorm food, out of money to buy toiletries, and just craving things from home. If you have a family member, friend, or even fiance (like me! woohoo!) who is busting it in college somewhere, here are 10 things you can send them to make it feel more like home!10 Things To Send A College Student: 1. Send them a Slim Jim or two. Why? Because "OH, YEAH!" they are amazing. That's why!2. Mail them some … [Read More...]


25 Nail Hacks for Nail Polish, Nail Art & Cuticle Care

I paint my nails about 20 times a month. That means my nails need a lot of maintenance. Check out these 25 Nail Hacks to help you care for your nails!1. If you have stubborn glitter polish just use foil wraps to take it right off!2. If you have an insane amount of nail polish, swatch it with this cute method.3. If you want to keep nail polish off your skin, just use a little petroleum jelly.4. Or you can even use Elmer's Glue!5. Mix acetone with glycerine for the best … [Read More...]