freaking out

To The People Freaking Out Over Male Circumcision: Get Over It

Dear Freaker-Outers: Honestly, I'm not sure if I should even go on talking to y'all, because you've already decided to hate what I have to say and you're planning ways to tell me I'm evil. So for you - move on. Seriously. Just go read another article or something. Here's a picture of a rollerblading penis just for stopping by... Dear Everyone Else: Here's the thing: male circumcision is still a thing...and apparently it's a hotly debated thing. Years ago we thought that it was … [Read More...]

witch broom

Witch’s Broom Pretzel Snacks

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, this Halloween make your party guests double...with laughter, that is. These Witch's Broom Pretzel Snacks are so hilariously adorable that your party guests are going to cackle with glee. It'll help if your party guests are actual witches (not that we're judging), but even if they aren't, they're going to fall in love with these witchy treats! Enjoy! What You Need To Make Witch's Broom Pretzel Snacks: String Cheese Sticks Stick Pretzels Chives … [Read More...]

bat sugar cookies

Vampire Bat Sugar Cookies

It's easy to go to the store and pick up pre-made cookies. I know, we've all been there. You're tired, stressed, the kids are driving you bonkers, and the idea of actually making anything more than your own bed (and even that, sometimes) seems completely masochistic and insane. But wait - don't give in to that kind of thinking. These Vampire Bat Sugar Cookies are made completely from scratch and so worth the effort. Think about're already stressed, exhausted, you've had a glob of … [Read More...]

zombtini featured

Make Your Own Zombtini

After a long, hard day of zombie-ing, even zombie's need a break. This Zombitini is for all of those hard working zombies out there. Chasing down humans takes a lot of energy, and it can be hard when they get away - or when someone in your horde snags them before you. So at night when you get home, relax to the dulcet tastes of - Zombitini. Supplies Needed to Make a Zombtini: 1 oz. Captain Morgan White Rum 2 oz. Dekuyper Melon Liqueur 1 oz. 100% Pineapple Juice 0.5 oz. … [Read More...]

Mummy 3

Screamin’ Mummy Pretzels

What did little King Tut say to his babysitter? I WANT MY MUMMY! These Screamin' Mummy Pretzels so fun to make, and your kids are going to roar with delight watching them come to life. These are perfect for that Halloween party you've been planning, or as snacks for your Trunk or Treat event. No matter how you serve them, people are going to scream with delight when they see (and taste) them! Enjoy! What You Need To Make Screamin' Mummy Pretzels: White Candy Melts White Chocolate … [Read More...]

broiled salmon

You’re The Reason Your Salmon Sucks

You're the reason your salmon sucks. No, no, it's true. Maybe you've even convinced yourself you hate salmon...a delicious meat...and that you can't understand why anyone would want to eat it in the first place. And it's all your fault that you feel this way. Unless you really just don't like salmon. If you don't, feel free to go away now. For those of you who are left, here are 5 Tips For Cooking Perfect Salmon. Because...and here's the's really Easy to cook. No, really. Stop … [Read More...]

10 ways to drink your water and eat it too featured

10 Ways to Drink Your Water and Eat it Too

Water is essential for life and I know it, and you know it too. So why don't we all ensure we are getting our daily intake of water? It could be that it's tasteless, colorless, or just that it doesn't satisfy our craving. Whatever it is, water important to our health. So today I am helping you with your water intake by partnering with Nestlé® Pure Life® to share 10 Ways to Drink Your Water and Eat it Too. 10 Ways to Drink Your Water and Eat it Too Infuse it! One of our readers submitted … [Read More...]


I Am Already So Over Halloween

It's October first. The day we are supposed to feel the snap in the air, crisp cool breezes, everything pumpkin spice, and Halloween. My favorite holiday of the year. When my daughter was five, I drove her out to the pumpkin patch, we stood next to all the pumpkins, took a thousand pictures, and spent the entire day in coordinated outfits. I was the first to sign up as volunteer for the fall festival at school, and I was all about the homemade costumes. My daughter is ten now, and she … [Read More...]

Frankenstein Cookies

Frankenstein Nutter Butter Cookies

Some of my favorite Halloween memories from growing up were hanging out with the family watching monster movies. My favorite, by and far, was Young Frankenstein. Okay, so maybe not 'exactly' a monster movie, but I was young and didn't understand everything that was going on in that one... Now some of my favorite memories are sharing monster movies with the youngsters in my life. This year, before we plug in Hotel Transylvania or Frankenweenie, we'll be making these Frankenstein Nutter Butter … [Read More...]