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Never Miss Lunch Campbells Slow Kettle Soup Feature

Never Missing Another Lunch with Campbell’s Kettle Soup

Everybody is busy, rushing around at top-speed constantly. Even on the weekends, I find myself dashing from one errand to the other. A lot of the time, I even miss lunch--until I found Campbell's Slow Kettle Soup. I'm never missing another lunch again.On another of my many errands (they never end, LOL!), I was at Walmart, trying to find a snack or two for my daughter to have when she gets home from school. I ended-up on the soup aisle and the cute, transparent cups of Campbell's Slow … [Read More...]

Awkwardest Conversations with my Mother-in-Law Feature

Awkwardest Conversations with My Mother-in-Law

My Mother-in-Law (notice how I capitalized that...) is a June-Cleaver-Extraordinaire-Mom...she probably would have been a Pintrest Mom in today's world and we'd totally have been friends. I love her, she's very cool. But regardless, there's just something about talking to her sometimes--I end up in the Awkwardest Conversations with My Mother-in-Law that just crack me up.I'm not trying to bash on my Mom-in-Law, not by any means (and if she's reading this, I REALLY mean that). I'm just … [Read More...]

jostens shadowcast rings

Customizing a Class Ring with Jostens!

This post brought to you by Jostens. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Totally The bomb. It seems like all the best things happen in high school. First loves, driving, and (my favorite) graduation. To celebrate the most awesome of 'releases into the wild' for my son (though he's a little far from graduation yet!), I'm Customizing a Class Ring with Jostens!I wish this had been around when I was in high school. I just went on the web to check out the ShadowCast rings by … [Read More...]

Italian Slow Cooker Recipes

27 Italian Slow Cooker Recipes

I absolutely love cooking in my crock pot (I mean seriously--I have a list of 33 3-Ingredient Recipes I use all the time). It's so easy and I'm just so stunned by the variety and types of food I can make. I can even make Italian food! One of my top-two favorite types of food! So, therefore, here's 27 Italian Slow Cooker Recipes for those of you, like me, that enjoy variety.Italian Slow Cooker RecipesOne of my staple-recipes is this Italian Chicken with Tomatoes.Although named … [Read More...]

guardians of the galaxy dvd

Guardians of the Galaxy Came to Movie Night!

Last night was a BLAST! Not only did the daughter and I get a chance to make a yummy treat together, but Guardians of the Galaxy Came to Movie Night!Special thanks for sponsoring this post goes to #OwnTheGalaxy and #CollectiveBias! I got my daughter Guardians of the Galaxy (just released on December 9!!!) yesterday and we made Groot Muffins! Then I grabbed a couple of blankets, a cup of hot cocoa and we turned the movie on! Of course, we loved watching the movie--I mean, who … [Read More...]

10 Tips Raising Good Sport featured

10 Tips For Raising a Good Sport

Playing sports is all fun and games until you see your child either upset they didn’t win or bragging that they did win. There’s a fine line between being proud and boasting. Raising a good sport can help on both sides, whether they win or lose.Here are 10 tips to help you raise a child that wins, and loses, gracefully. 1. Explain. Talk to them about sportsmanship and what it means in terms they can understand. Explain that in sports you still have to live by the “golden rule” and you … [Read More...]

10 Reasons You Should See an Infertility Specialist Feature

10 Reasons You Should See an Infertility Specialist

There's nothing more frustrating and simply daunting than the idea that you might not be able to conceive as easily as your mom or friends or cousins, or whomever...You feel left out and kind of like a giant failure. I know, I've totally been there, got the tattoo and moved on with my life. But I know there are other women out there that are wondering. So, here's 10 Reasons You Should See an Infertility Specialist.Now, by "infertility specialist," I don't mean an OB/GYN with "fertility … [Read More...]