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Latest News


Keeping the Kid's Phone Costs Low {with Tracfone} Feature

Keeping the Kid’s Phone Costs Low {with Tracfone}

Every time I got the cell phone bill, I was cringing--or those stupid texts saying "such-and-such number has gone over the data limit". I mean, really, how many times did I yell at my kid for going over her limit?! No more, I say! No more! Now, I'm Keeping the Kid's Phone Costs Low with Tracfone.Special thanks for sponsoring this post goes to: #TracFoneSB and the Mom It Forward Blogger Network.I was really frustrated with this monthly dance...my kid was constantly going over and it … [Read More...]

ho ho reindeer

Reindeer Ho Ho Snacks ~ Christmas Treats

Hallecake is back with another awesome video on her YouTube Channel--this time with a Christmas treat idea. I'm not sure where my daughter comes up with all this genius-ness. She's AMAZING! And with a little recipe idea from Imperial Sugar, she makes the most awesome Reindeer Ho Ho Snacks for Christmas Treats!We had so much fun working with Imperial Sugar to make this Reindeer Ho Ho Snack recipe from their Website and Hallecake fell in love! Watch her creating her own Reindeer Ho Ho … [Read More...]

Getting Back the Freedom to be Spontaneous Feature

Getting Back the Freedom to be Spontaneous – Wrapping Up

I believe I have totally achieved the goal--beaten the challenge from K-Y® Liquibeads...I'd say, now that my 30-days are up, I've won! So, this is me, Getting Back the Freedom to be Spontaneous - Wrapping-Up!Wow, what a fun adventure it's been this past 30-days taking the K-Y® Liquibeads Challenge! There's been a lot of fun--and like no drama! Just how I like my "special-time". When there was more drama, I didn't really get upset, it just kind of killed the mood a little, which I thought … [Read More...]

weekly pregnancy photo ideas

12 Weekly Pregnancy Photo Ideas

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Similac® StrongMoms®. All opinions are 100% mine. Being pregnant is awesome. Women are beautiful and strong when they're expecting-- capture those moments before they're gone with these weekly pregnancy photo ideas. We had a lot of fun working with Similac to bring you this post. Check out their Strong Moms Giveaway here!12 Totally Awesome Weekly Pregnancy Photo IdeasI love this silhouette style weekly pregnancy photo shoot. So simple, … [Read More...]

Coke Cake Kit Creative Empty Bottle

Making Real Magic with a Coke Cake Kit Neighbor Gift

Daily life is fun and really a fabulous thing, but holidays...holidays are special, memory-making engines of awesomeness. All it takes is a little gift, a little "thank you" to really change what could otherwise be an ordinary day into something spectacular. That's Why I'm Making Real Magic with a Coke Cake Kit Neighbor Gift (say that five times fast!!) this holiday season!Special thanks for sponsoring this post goes to #RealMagic and #CollectiveBias!I read about all these awesome … [Read More...]

three ingredient breakfast ideas

33 3 Ingredient Breakfasts!

There's not another meal I love more than breakfast. If every meal were breakfast, I'd eat it 3 times a day. Silly, huh? But that's why I thought it important to put together a list of 33 3 Ingredient Breakfasts!I love a good freeze-ahead breakfast for the weekday, but on the weekend, I like a good fresh-baked yummy. Sometimes I need an Amazing Pancake, but sometimes, I just want something quick and easy to make--with my Fancy 2-Ingredient Coffee, that is...Now, now, no need for … [Read More...]

Never Miss Lunch Campbells Slow Kettle Soup Feature

Never Missing Another Lunch with Campbell’s Kettle Soup

Everybody is busy, rushing around at top-speed constantly. Even on the weekends, I find myself dashing from one errand to the other. A lot of the time, I even miss lunch--until I found Campbell's Slow Kettle Soup. I'm never missing another lunch again.Special thanks for sponsoring this post goes to #LoveLunchIn and #CollectiveBias!On another of my many errands (they never end, LOL!), I was at Walmart, trying to find a snack or two for my daughter to have when she gets home from … [Read More...]