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red white and blue lemonade

Sugar Free Red White and Blue Lemonade

Lemonade and summer go hand in hand. I could drink a glass (or five) every day. Starting this memorial day, I am trying to be better about the food choices I make, and that means I am trading the sugar in my lemonade for Stevia In The Raw®. To celebrate, I made super simple red white and blue lemonade. Yum. So yum. The thing about Stevia In The Raw Baker's Bag is, you use it just like you would sugar, so if you use 2 tbsp of sugar in your normal lemonade recipe, then you use 2 tbsp of … [Read More...]

summer survival kit

Summer Survival Kit

Are you already dreading the "Mom, I'm BORED!" that comes every Summer. We totally were too, which is why we put together this Summer Survival Kit! It takes all those down-time moments of boredom and turns them into something fun! It is that time of year--SUMMER! Summer can be a time where we enjoy every second of it, or it can be a time where we are twirling our thumbs, waiting for school to start back up. I say we go for the first option! This year, we are using this awesome resource, … [Read More...]

angry kids need aggression cookies

Aggression Cookies An Allergy Friendly Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

Sometimes you get mad, and that's totally okay. Sometimes kids get mad, and that's okay, too. The problem comes when kids can't figure out how to channel their anger, but this cookie recipe can fix that. So, if you have mad kids, make aggression cookies! I don't talk about this very often, because we don't make it a big deal in our house, but some of us have allergies to nuts, eggs and even dairy. Regardless of it's big-deal-ness or not, though, we do have a lot of allergy-friendly recipes we … [Read More...]

Citrus Herb Refresher

Citrus Herb Refresher

Life is tough. There is little else to say about it than that. We all struggle, we all fight with schedules, and finding time for others, and finding time for ourselves.  A lot of the time I think we simply take self-care out of the equation because the idea of adding one more thing into the mix is just too stressful. So here I am, giving you permission, to take care of you. An easy way to start is with this simple Citrus Herb Refresher. It's only a couple of ingredients and you have to trust me … [Read More...]

orange dreamsicle smoothie featured

Curb Hanger With an Orange Dreamsicle Protein Smoothie

I am not a nice person when I'm hungry. Everyone who has spent any real amount of time with me has made a joke about HANGRY JAMIE at some point. But here's the deal-- when you're hangry, (so hungry you're angry) you need something real, something substantial. Something jam packed with protein that's healthy AND delicious. So, to avoid the hangries without making me feel weighed down in the afternoons, I make a smoothie, and this is Orange Dreamsicle Protein Smoothie is one of my favorite … [Read More...]

diy coffee cup crafts

Make an Adorable Custom Disposable Coffee Cup

 I am throwing a party for high school kids soon, and one of the things they HAVE TO HAVE is their coffee. (Is this a thing now? I mostly drank kool-aid in high school, I would be so lame.) Everyone knows coffee is better in DIY coffee mugs, so we aren't going to drink just any coffee, we are going to drink from these DIY disposable coffee cups with custom sleeves. Because we are awesome. I bought these disposable coffee cups (affiliate link) for this project. What You Need To Make a … [Read More...]