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easy ways to be more green feature

10 Easy Ways to Go Green Permanently {and a giveaway}

I love being out in nature and just enjoying being a part of the world. The thought that my actions harm nature gives me the hibbejeebees, so I'm stepping-up my game with these 10 Easy Ways to Go Green Permanently. Oh, and there's a giveaway for you, too! 10 Easy Ways to Go Green Permanently Reusable Water Bottle. I drink a LOT of water, so I was going through like 94 bottles of water a day when I realized what I was doing. By getting a reusable water bottle, I not only saved the planet … [Read More...]

sensitive teeth after baby feature

5 Easy Ways to Cope with Sensitive Teeth After Pregnancy {with Colgate Enamel Health}

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Colgate® Enamel Health™ for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Maybe I'm totally weird, but my teeth are really sensitive little creatures. They seem to get fussy over the littlest things. During my pregnancy, they were really fine and I rolled through my morning sickness phase with no issues. But then, as soon as baby was born--oh, the sensitivity! So, I'm on the war-path with 5 Easy Ways to Cope with Sensitive Teeth After Pregnancy … [Read More...]

bubblegum bubble bath

Bubblegum Bubble Bath

Know what my favorite thing about this bubble bath is? It's red and it sparkles. Sure, usually you'd think of pink if you're going for bubblegum-scented, but this sparkly red bubblegum bubble bath is basically just happiness in a bottle. Let me repeat: red and sparkly. Sure, you can make it without the dye and glitter and fragrance, but then you're just getting clean...and where's the fun in that? What You Need To Make Bubblegum Bubble Bath: suspension soap base food … [Read More...]

pack the perfect pool bag

How To Pack The Perfect Pool Bag

My family lives by the pool, so I've learned to come prepared! I know how to pack the perfect pool bag, and today I am sharing my secrets with you! How To Pack The Perfect Pool Bag: Remember you're going swimming, not on an overnight trip! Keep it simple. If we are vacationing, I always stick my pool bag into my luggage empty, then I can bring it along when we spend the day by the water. Here's what you need in your pool bag: Sunglasses. These are a must. They protect your … [Read More...]

fast granola breakfast recipe feature

Granola Treat Pops

Way too much of my time is spent running around on weekday mornings trying to pull together sack lunches, rush breakfasts and last-minute snacks for the kids. Half the time I end up grabbing something not-s0-yummy off the pantry shelf for them, just to get out the door in time for the school bus. I am ending that trend as of today! We made a batch of Granola Treat Pops, so packed with deliciousness (and protein), my family will be ready to rock the day with a smile. Great for breakfast, snack or … [Read More...]

uses for household products

650+ Other Uses For Household Products

Call this the mega list. The big shebang. The whole enchilada, hold the nothing. From borax to baking soda, vodka to vinegar we're bringing you 650+ Other Uses For Household Products. Strap-on your juice box 'cause this list is about to get REAL. 650+ Other Uses For Household Products Have you been making your own laundry soap? Well, here are thirty other uses for Borax, too! These ten ways to use baking soda will brighten your day. Speaking of ten, did you know you can use dish … [Read More...]