Here’s An Update on Kate Middleton’s Cancer Battle

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If you’ve kept up with Britain’s news, specifically with the royals, Kate Middleton announced that she was recently diagnosed with cancer.

During an abdominal surgery that the Princess of Wales had to undergo in January, doctors discovered a type of cancer which Kate made in a statement via a video last month.

Now while we don’t know exactly what form of cancer she has, we do know that it’s in the early stages according to Kate.

For a while, fans of the royal family were concerned about Kate when they noticed she was missing from the public eye ever since her surgery in January.

Now fast forwarding to today after Kate’s cancer diagnosis, it’s suspected that the princess is making good progress in her cancer battle, according to royal family expert Richard Fitzwilliams who told The Sun.  

Based on public appearances and what looks like a sense of normalcy recently made by her husband Prince William, Fitzwilliams explained to The Sun that he suspects Kate’s recovery is so far going well.

Most recently, Prince William and his son Prince George, were seen cheering on Aston Villa which was their first official outing since Kate’s cancer diagnosis announcement.

The Prince of Wales was also spotted helping out a food distribution charity in Surrey, not too long after.

“Royals realize that every single thing they do sends a message in one way or another, explained Fitzwilliams to The Sun.” “It sent this message that things some things are going on, more or less as normal.”

Richard Fitzwilliams

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