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The Hottest Rom-Com Just Dropped on Netflix and It’s Pure Gold

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If you’re having a bad day, I have the best news for you!

We all know that there’s nothing better than plopping on the couch in your pajamas, to stream a favorite show or movie right at home, especially after a bad day.

And dear reader if you’re like many of us who are growing tired for Bridgerton to return, we have the perfect fit for you to stream in order to get your mind off a bad day or while we wait for Bridgerton!

Netflix has just added a box office hit to their streaming platform that has grossed over $200 million worldwide at movie theaters.

That’s right, $200 million.

The romantic comedy that should put a chuckle in your belly and a flirty smile on your face, was only available in theaters until it was most recently released on Netflix.

The popular film which stars Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell became a hit on the big screen not only due to its genre, but because of the on-screen chemistry between both costars.

Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Of course there’s also the fact that this movie plays heavily into the enemies-to-lovers trope which many viewers, can’t get enough of right now!

Oh, and TikTok also helped make this movie a fan-favorite too, considering the hashtag #anyonebutyou totaled 1.5 billion views by the end of this past January.

Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Now this film focuses on two characters named Bea and Ben, (cute right?), and this storyline follows a first date between the two that quickly turns sour.

And if a first date gone wrong isn’t enough for these two to never want to see each other again, it’s the fact that they’re later reunited at a friend’s wedding in Australia out of all places.

Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Can you imagine?!

Courtesy of Sony Pictures

But of course the two end up putting their heads together throughout the film to come up with a plan that both Bea and Ben agree on, and that is, making their exes jealous.

So the two’s master plan is to fake date and pretend like their madly in love; I mean what could go wrong, right?

Courtesy of Sony Pictures

The hit movie Anyone But You is currently streaming on Netflix!

Courtesy of Sony Pictures

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