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You Can Get A 13-Foot Jack Skellington Animatronic For Halloween and It’s Simply Meant To Be

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He’s the master of fright, and a demon of light …

Halloween has come in July! You can get a 13-foot, Giant-Sized Jack Skellington Animatronic right now, and you need to check this out.

Yes, I said this Jack Skellington is 13-feet tall. He’s going to TOWER over you and your guests this Halloween.

Just think how tiny those Trick or Treaters are going to look compared to this Gigantic Jack.

He would be perfect for a DIY haunted house, your front porch, or even anywhere in your house. This Jack Skellington is going in my bedroom!!

It is important to note that this Jack Skellington can be used outdoors, so you don’t need to worry about him getting all messed up in the elements. He can handle the rain and snow.

Giant Jack Skellington even comes with two interchangeable heads — one is a regular Jack Skellington head with big round eyes, and one head is a more sinister looking Jack.

This devilish dandy is decked out in his classic black pinstripe suit with a wide bat-like bow tie stretching far past his slender shoulders.

Home Depot

Color changing LEDs illuminate his face, creating a super creepy glow. Don’t worry, it’s not too scary. Just enough to be fit for Halloween Town.

Jack Skellington has a built-in motion sensor that automatically triggers his head and mouth movements, and he sings 3 different parts of “Jack’s Lament.” How cool is that?!?

The head and mouth move for a life-like display and he sings and dances for fun frights.

Home Depot

You will need to plug this Jack Skellington into a power source to make him spring to life, so you may want to get an extension cord.

This gigantic Jack Skellington is going to set you back $399, but he just may be the coolest Halloween animatronic you buy this year! Worth it!!

To get your own 13-foot, Giant-Sized Jack Skellington Animatronic just head on over to the Home Depot website.

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