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25 Rockin’ Neon Food Ideas

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This could totally be the only way I make confections for the rest of my life. I love these 25 Rockin’ Neon Food Ideas!


This is the Neon Food Coloring that I found that should do the trick for most of these snacks, but if they’re particularly fragile or you want to freeze them, this Gel Neon Food Coloring will totally be worth the extra shells.

25 Rockin’ Neon Foods

  1. Don’t Pee on My Leg Jelly-Fish Cookies, although let’s be very clear–if it’s a real Jelly-Fish that stung me, please do pee on my leg. You can find the cookie cutter here.
  2. Now, don’t get too excited, but you can have seconds of this Thin Mint Brownie Parfait.
  3. These Neon Marshmallow Pops are super-easy to make and chow-down-on!
  4. I would totally gnaw my right arm off for thee Trix Krispies.
  5. Neon Unicorn Poop Cookies, oh my yum!
  6. I could eat my weight in White Chocolate Cherry Pistachio Bark.
  7. Why have I not made these No-Bake Neon Cheesecake Bars before?
  8. Scribble Brownies, the new way to eat your homework.
  9. Not just for church-events anymore–Stained Glass Jello.
  10. Must. Consume. More. Fluff-topped Unicorn Poop Cupcakes. Seriously.
  11. This Pink Zebra Cake looks so easy to make.
  12. So, I’m thinking I need a batch of these neon-topped Strawberry Margarita Cupcakes (adults only, sorry, kids).
  13. Sugar-Rolled Almond Sugar Cookies make me drool.neon-food-700t
  14. Don’t let me catch you licking the icing off these S’mores Pops.
  15. Tie-Dye Cake seems like a perfectly neon way to enjoy a confection.
  16. Livening-up spaghetti night with Rainbow Pasta? Yes, please!
  17. So many times, I’ve asked myself why I can’t make Neon Candy Apples. Now I can.
  18. Cake Mix Sandwich Cookies make a great after-school snack.
  19. Taking cupcakes to the kiddo’s class? These Sunset Cupcakes will get so many “wow”s.
  20. Don’t worry, no peeps were harmed in the making of this Coconut-Covered Chocolate Peeps Cake.
  21. Neon Edible Finger Paints aren;t really supposed to be a snack, but WHO CARES?!
  22. Yeah, that baby shower you’re planning would be more fun with Striped Meringues.
  23. Uh, make this neon Plum and Brandy Gelato for me and I will never, ever leave.
  24. This is amazingly yummy-looking. No, not the computer–the Peanut Butter-Filled Sugar Cookies!
  25. Hot summer days demand Neon-Rainbow Popsicles.

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*This post contains affiliate links.


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