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Applebee’s Released Chicken Wing Flavored Lip Glosses And They’re Lip Licking Good

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Are you obsessed with chicken wings?

If you happen to be addicted to chicken wings, then I have found the lip gloss for you!

Applebee’s has created a lip gloss that tastes like your favorite Applebee’s chicken wing flavors and I’m kind of intrigued.

Winky Lux

This is an entire collection of lip glosses that are inspired by all of your favorite Applebee’s wing sauce flavors.

Winky Lux

Applebee’s is well known for its wings and cheap and tasty cocktail drinks, and now they’ve ventured on to other goodies.

Winky Lux

The creation was inspired by National Chicken Wing Day and National Lipstick Day for the ultimate lip licking celebration!

Winky Lux

Applebee’s is known for first dates and wings—which are one of our most popular menu items. So, we partnered with the development team at Winky Lux to create these lip glosses inspired by four of our most popular wing sauces. Find your perfect shade and spice up your date night by adding a little bit of that Applebee’s flavor to make each kiss even more craveable with Saucy Gloss.

Chief Marketing Officer Joel Yashinsky said in a statement
Winky Lux

The lip glosses come in the following flavors:

  • Give Me Hot Buffalo:  a “creamy coral that packs the hot buffalo spice your ex could never have handled”
  • Sweet Chile Kiss: a deep red with fine golden chile specks called
  •  Be My Honey Pepper: a golden honey-spiced gloss with shimmering flecks
  • Honey BBQ-T: a smoky barbecue hue with a hint of honey sweetness.
Winky Lux

You can purchase these tasty lip glosses in single packs, or grab up the entire collection from Winky Lux right now for a limited time only!

Winky Lux

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