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‘Baby Face’ Macarons Are The Horrifying Dessert Nobody Needs

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I love to bake and I’m often in awe of what some people create.

But then there are times like this… when I am really just going, WTF is going on?!

So, someone thought it was a good idea to create ‘Baby Face’ Macarons and Honestly, They Are The Horrifying Dessert Nobody Needs!


I first saw these strange desserts going around on Facebook but quickly realized there is an actual baker/artist behind this.


I actually found out these creepy little designed desserts belong to QuimmyShimmy on Instagram and I am going to fair warn you – her Instagram is filled with strange baked goods like this one.


But let’s focus on these baby face macarons, I mean they look quite realistic.

Mmmm baby faces, appetizing, right? WRONG.


I love babies and I like macarons. But the two together? NOPE.

While I will say, I could never eat one of these, these are quite cool/unique and the artist/baker is very talented.


I mean, aside from baby face macarons, QuimmyShimmy also has a ton of other creepy and way realistic desserts.

Like look at this tongue and teeth cake. It looks so REAL. OMG!!


So, what do you think? Could you eat any of these?


Now, if you are looking for an actual edible Macaron recipe, check these out…

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  1. I love these realistic desserts. They look Yummilicious.