Twizzlers Is Releasing A Mystery Flavor That’ll Keep You Guessing

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Twizzlers is normally the one to tell us what flavor we’re about to pop in our mouth, but this time around, the Hershey company is keeping their next flavor a complete secret.

Twizzlers is putting your tastebuds to the taste and is making their new flavor a guessing game for fans of the chewy candy.

So we wonder, what will this new mystery flavor taste like?

Hershey’s is releasing a Twizzlers Mystery Flavor to test how well you can detect their new taste and from what it looks like, we can only assume the purple color does not mean the obvious.

Courtesy of Albanese

There can only be one right answer and fans of the twisted candy should have no trouble discovering what true flavor lies within the new mystery flavored package.

Courtesy of Albanese

So far there’s no new news regarding when Twizzlers Mystery Flavor will be introduced to store shelves, but we can only hope it’s sometime soon since it has been listed online.

Courtesy of Hershey’s

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