So, Apparently It’s NOT Over with Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

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Oh the Hollywood drama, I cannot keep up!!

So, just yesterday, news broke that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez had called off their engagement after nearly 2 years.


Well, apparently, that was NOT true and some jerk of a friend that broke the news to the press, lied.


So, how do we know FOR SURE that they didn’t break up?

Well, the dynamic duo came out and made a statement after the news about their split, went viral.


“All the reports are inaccurate. We are working through some things,”

The couple said in a joint statement provided Saturday to USA TODAY by Rodriguez’s representative Ron Berkowitz.

See, y’all, they are working through things and honestly, who isn’t right now?

So, if you are a JLO and A-Rod fan, and like them together, this will probably make your day.

Otherwise, it probably won’t matter to you much and at least now you know. Ha!

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