The Tiles Are LAVA, And This Baby Will NOT Cross Them!

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Babies are funny, and they pick the absolute craziest things to be picky about. Like, if you’re at the park with your kiddo and they find a worm on the ground, chances are they are going to pick up that worm, and eat that worm. But if you try to feed them a spoonful of home cooked sweet potatoes? Yeah, watch how fast they spit those potatoes out. Or, when you’re in traffic and want to keep your baby safe, so you grab their hand before crossing the road…only to have them wiggle free and dash out mid-crossing. But then things like this happen…this baby has decided he will not cross the black tiles. At least, not on his own. I don’t know if it’s because they are shiny, or reflective, or maybe because it’s a Tuesday, but it is funny to watch. Take a look!

Like I said, babies are funny! Chances are this little guy would grab an angry stray cat without blinking, but tiles? Yeah, tiles are his hard stop.

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