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Apparently There’s A Blizzard Warning In Hawaii and People Are Losing Their Minds

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When you think of Hawaii you probably think of a warm sandy beach and warm ocean water.

It’s also probably the last place you’d think of seeing snow but Apparently It’s Snowing in Hawaii and People Are Losing Their Minds!

Here’s the thing – I live in Utah so I am not afraid of snow but it’s crazy weird that here we are in December and we haven’t had a single ounce of snow and Hawaii is over there getting blizzard warnings. Like, what is happening?!

NWS Eastern Region

In fact, things are so crazy that Hawaii has received more snow this season than in Denver, Colorado. Yeah, shocking!

Oh and in case you’re wondering – no it’s not unusual for Hawaii to receive snow especially in the higher elevations.

It is weird for them to have a blizzard warning and for them to receive so much snow when the rest of the country hasn’t.

And because of that, people are sort of losing their minds…


I mean if this keeps up, we might all have to fly to Hawaii in order to have a White Christmas this year. TBH, I wouldn’t complain!

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