Best Friend Photo Shoots Are The New Trend And You Are Going To Love Them

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Move over Baby Announcement Photo Shoots. Best Friend Photo Shoots are here, and you are going to love them.

There is a fun new trend where BFFs are getting together for Bestie Photo Shoots, and I totally want to do it!!

If you are anything like me, my bestie and I normally just get together for awkward selfies. We probably have 200 of them. They are fun memories, but they could definitely be so much better!

It would be so awesome to have a third party capture those special moments. We could go wild and be our crazy selves. Our quirky personalities could shine through the lense of the camera.

Those are the best memories, AMIRITE?

Best Friend Photo Shoots are the perfect way to celebrate that special connection that can only be shared between you and your BFF.

Now, there are several different ways you can go about having a BFF photo shoot.

You can get a photographer to capture that special occasion — bachelorette parties, graduations, girls’ night out, girl trips, or epic birthday parties.

But, why do you need a special occasion to have a Bestie Photo Shoot?

Maybe y’all have a favorite coffee spot that means something special to you. Why not have a photo shoot right there?

Perhaps you found a beautiful field of flowers that you want to remember forever. I’m looking at you, Texas Bluebonnets!! I bet a field of flowers would make a great backdrop for a BFF Photo Sesh.

Maybe you just want to capture the everyday laughs, the fun, and love between you and your bestie.

Sometimes unplanned photo shoots are the best! They can be spontaneous and fun.

So, grab your besties, grab a photographer, and get to making those memories!

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