Build-A-Bear Just Released Darth Maul and Darth Vader Bears

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The force is strong with these ones…

Build-A-Bear Just Released Darth Maul and Darth Vader Bears and if you are part of The Sith you need these in your life!

Who am I kidding, any Star Wars fan needs these!

The Darth Maul Bear contains the Darth Maul Bear and his exclusive double-edged lightsaber. The bundle is sold for $55.50.

Who knew a Sith Lord™ could be this snuggly? Don’t let the fur fool you – Darth Maul™ Bear is still a scheming mastermind in furry friend form! This epic Star Wars™ stuffed animal gift bundle includes Darth Maul™ Bear wielding his signature red lightsaber™ that lights up and makes sound.

The Darth Vader Bear comes with Darth Vader in his attire and his exclusive red lightsaber. This bundle is sold for $47.00.

Any young Jedi™ will be tempted to join the dark side with this awesome Star Wars™ stuffed animal gift set. Darth Vader™ Bear comes ready to take on the Rebel Alliance™ with its suit and helmet built into its fur. This cuddly villain also wields a red toy lightsaber™ which lights up and makes sound. It’s the perfect gift set for any Star Wars fan with a darker side!

Both bears are exclusive online-only bears so don’t try to grab these in-store.

Hurry over and make it a Star Wars Christmas gift for yourself or someone you know!

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