McDonald’s McRib is Back For A Limited Time and I’m On My Way

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The McRib is back …sort of.

It’s back for a limited time… at certain McDonald’s locations… throughout the U.S.

Honestly, I am just hoping it is back at a location near me!

The super-popular sandwich will be coming to ‘just over’ 10,000 McDonald’s restaurants nationwide.

The McRib has a sort of cult following.

For some, it’s like a religious experience to get one of these boneless pork sandwiches, dripping with tangy BBQ sauce, and topped with pickles and onions.

People wait all year for those four special words: The McRib Is Back!!

So, how will you be able to tell if it is coming to a location near you?

You just go to this McRib locator, and type in your zip code. It will tell you right away if you are one of the lucky who will get to experience the sensation.

Good luck, and may the McRib be in your future!

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