A California Man Was Arrested After He Was Found Chewing On A Severed Human Leg

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The sounds like 2012 all over again…

Remember the “bath salts” incident in 2012 that involved a Florida man eating the face of another man? Well, this story sounds just like that one except a lot more gruesome.


TMZ reported that a California man was arrested after he was found chewing on a human leg. It was a severed human leg.

A video was taken of a man on a sidewalk (the video is blurred) right before police show up to arrest him.


While you can’t actually see the severed human leg, apparently that’s exactly what he is flinging around while also “chomping” on it.

According to reports, the man’s name is Rosendo Tellez.


He was arrested Friday in a small town called Wasco after eyewitnesses saw him strolling through town with what looked to be an entire limb.

So, who’s leg was it and why did he have it?


Well, Kern County officials say the leg was illegally taken from the scene of a train accident that morning where a man was hit and killed at the Amtrak station in town.

So, it was a deceased man’s leg. OMG!

This is such a disgusting story. I cannot even imagine!

You can watch the video below. Fair warning: It’s disturbing even though it doesn’t actually show anything!

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