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This Woman’s Genius Car Hack Teaches You To Make Your Car Smell Like Jolly Ranchers

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My car is smelling pretty rank. Between the Texas heat and transporting dogs and kids around…well, it’s getting pretty stinky!

mrsbosssauce – TikTok

I found an amazing do it yourself project to make my car smell like a Jolly Rancher and it is perfect for summer! Fresh and fruity in minutes!


You just need a few things to buy to make this happen! You will need Better Homes and Gardens Sugared Melon Kiwi Scented Wax Cubes. Or you can totally use another scent, but this one will give you the Jolly Rancher smell!


You will also need these mason jar style salt and pepper shakers. We like these Olde Thompson Mason Jar Salt and Pepper Shaker Set with Copper Lids. I would skip any that have plastic lids though!


The first thing you will need to do is take the lids off of the jars. Then open the wax melts. Place 2 wax cubes in each jar.

mrsbosssauce – TikTok

Replace the lids on both of your jars and place them in the cup holders of your car. Once the temperature rises in your car, the wax melts will do what they do, which is melt. As they melt they release the scents.

mrsbosssauce – TikTok

When you go back to your car it will smell so amazing! Just take a deep breath and enjoy it! No more stinky car!

Check out this video tutorial by mrsbosssauce on TikTok to see it happen in action!


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