Heart Shaped Succulents Exist And I’m In Love

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Valentine’s Day is in exactly 50 days and all I want for hearts day are these precious heart shaped succulents!

Courtesy of @GreenerForestCo.

To be frank, I had no idea there was such a succulent that existed but I’m so happy to have found out these little guys are in fact, very real.

Courtesy of @GreenerForestCo.

Also known as the Hoya Kerrii Heart succulent, this type of succulent is shaped in a near perfect heart that is simple yet charming.


The 3 inch succulent is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day and gentleman, this is a major hint to get your girl if she loves plants!


You can currently find these heart shaped succulents on Etsy with an included white ceramic pot complete with white rocks from the seller, @GreenerForestCo.

Courtesy of @GreenerForestCo.

You also have the option of selecting one or two heart shaped succulents in each pot and depending on whether you go solo or pick a partner for your succulent, the price will vary.


You can currently get two heart shaped succulents for $35 and up while just one will cost you $30 and up!


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