This Chart Shows The Appropriate Color of Flowers To Give To Mothers Who Have Lost A Loved One

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Mother’s Day is a holiday to celebrate the women who put their kids first and who love their children unconditionally.

The unconditional love that sometimes requires picking up the kids after school, cleaning up the spilled juice on the countertop and throwing away the shirt you loved because of a throw up stain.

Whether you’re a grandmother or a mother, aka mom, mommy or mama, while Mother’s Day is a happy day for thousands across the globe, many moms are reminded of the children they have lost.

To send love for the mother’s who are reminded every Mother’s Day of a lost loved one, here are the specific kinds of flowers to give to bereaved mothers.

Courtesy of Angel Babies

For the mothers who have lost a child, blue flowers are best.

For the mothers who have a lost teen, yellow flowers are the most appropriate.

The mothers who have suffered a pregnancy loss should receive orange flowers and the moms who experienced a stillbirth are offered purple plants.

The mothers who have a lost a young adult and for the mothers to be, pink flowers are usually the color to buy and give.

Happy Mother’s Day to every mom and mother to be.

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