Here’s How To Check The Status Of Your Tax Refund

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Tax season is in full swing and so many are filing their taxes early to try to get their refund back as soon as possible. And I mean, who can blame them?

If you are one of the many that have filed their taxes and are waiting on a refund, here’s how to check the status of your tax return.

For starters, you will want to be aware that the IRS started processing tax returns later this year than previous and therefore, it is causing a delay in some tax refunds.

Knowing that, here’s how you can check the status of your tax return…

Once you’ve filed your tax return for 2020, you can head onto the IRS website and use the Where’s My Refund? tool.

From that page, click “Check My Refund Status” and you will need your social security number, filing status and the exact refund amount to view the status.

This tool is updated once a day, usually overnight.

The tool, which you can also download as an app on your phone, will tell you when your return has been received, when your refund has been approved and when it has been sent to you.

You should know that the IRS states that if you file electronically (e-file) you should receive your refund in less than 21 days after receiving your return.

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