Saint Patrick’s Day Charcuterie Boards Will Bring The Luck of The Irish Into Your Home

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Charcuterie boards are the lifesaver to any party and do you wanna know why that is; the amazing party platter can hold a variety of foods to satisfy everyone’s taste buds, it can change according to every holiday aesthetic, plus, done creatively, they will look amazing as the center piece.

In the past we’ve covered Disney themed charcuterie boards, Valentine’s Day boards, hot chocolate boards and now, it’s time to uncover Saint Patrick’s Day Charcuterie boards!


Saint Patrick’s Day is already coming up in about two months and to celebrate, you need this set up to please your guests and family members.


Introducing the prettiest of greens and the luck of the Irish, these holiday charcuterie boards are absolutely gorgeous and here’s how you can make them!


Some individuals have stuck to specific Saint Patrick’s Day colors such as greens, yellows, golds and oranges, while others only incorporated green foods on their charcuterie board.


Avocados, green peppers, pears, kiwis, oranges, carrots, guacamole and cheese, are a few great foods to start with!


Of course what’s Saint Patrick’s Day without a colorful rainbow.


Some individuals have even posted their creativity with placing foods in the shape of a rainbow to celebrate the holiday which means your selection of foods just expanded, as long as it fits the colors of the rainbow!


Notice, the “pot of gold” that look like chocolate gold coins in one Instagrammer’s charcuterie board.


The key to a great charcuterie board no matter what color scheme or holiday theme, choosing a variety of good foods that family members can pick from is the best way to satisfy hungry guests!


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