This Chicken Is Solid Black, Inside And Out, And It’s Wicked Cool

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Now, I don’t like chickens. They scare the crap out of me. Those little effers chase you around, and claw at you with their feet that are meant for digging.

Okay, so maybe they don’t ACTUALLY claw at you. That might just be in my nightmares.

But, I like to look at cool animals, and you have to admit, this solid black chicken is cool af!!

This chicken is called the Ayam Cemani, and it is a pretty rare breed of feathered monster — er, chicken.

It hails from Java, Indonesia, and is legitimately SOLID black.

It is rather unusual, having entirely black feathers, black comb, black skin, black meat, black internal organs, and even black bones.

Heritage Acres Market

Some think its eggs are black, but that is a myth.

The Ayam Cemani Does Not Lay Black Eggs

The only known feathered demon bird that lays black eggs is the Cayuga Duck.

Side Note: I hate ducks even more than I hate chickens.

According to Heritage Acres Market, the Ayam Cemani is revered in its native Indonesia, because it has magical blood. Or, at least that’s what they think.

Some people think that the Ayam Cemoni’s blood can cure cardiovascular or respiratory issues, and these chickens are often used in ritualistic ceremonies.

If you are a chicken lover — maybe you have a whole brood in your backyard — you might be wondering how you can get your hands on one of these cool solid black chickens.

These hella rare chickens used to sell for upwards of $2K in the 90s, but now you can find a baby chickie for about $50.

It is still challenging to find hatcheries that supply them, and the chicks are often flawed, not pure, or not entirely black.

Heritage Acres Market

Apparently, even if two completely black Ayam Cemani parents are used, it is common for their chicks to have white on their “wingtip, toes, or chest”.

Even more weird, some babies born of 2 Ayam Cemani parents can be silver or have gray around their mouths.

If you remember back to 9th grade biology, you might remember the teacher talking about recessive traits. The solid black perfection of the Ayam Cemani relies heavily on the recessive trait showing through from the parents.

But, when the trait DOES appear, you get some pretty wild, wicked beautiful chickens.

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