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This Chinese Lantern Festival Is The Coolest Thing You’ll See This Year

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There are Christmas lights, and then there are Christmas lights that go above and beyond, hitting you right in the heart of the Christmas spirit.

You can drive through a Chinese Lantern Festival that will have you so up in your Christmas feels, it will be shooting out your eyeballs.

Now, I know — Chinese lanterns aren’t exactly Christmas lights, now are they?

But, these are so bright, sparkly, and merry that you are not going to want to miss them this holiday season.

True, you might have to plan a bit of a road trip for this one, but it will be worth it — I PROMISE!!

From a tunnel of festive Chinese lanterns, to larger-than-life dragon floats, to streams of Chinese lantern lights floating through the trees, to steam-breathing light-up dragons, and even to life-sized Chinese architecture — they have it all.

You guys, this Chinese Lantern Festival is a definite MUST on your Christmas light bucket list!

They are simply GLOWING — like, legit, GLOWING — and they are the most beautiful lights you will see this holiday season!!

There are even interactive features, where you can get out and submerge yourself in the holiday cheer.

And, you are going to want to visit again and again, each and every Christmas season!

Where can you experience this Chinese Lantern Festival?

These lights are on display at the Koka Booth Amphitheater in Cary, North Carolina.

You can catch them now through January 14th, and then they are gone until next year.

Get yourself there!! You won’t regret even one minute of this Chinese Lantern Festival experience.

For more information on this Chinese Lantern Festival, you can check it out HERE.

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