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You Can Write Your New Year’s Wish on the Confetti That Will Fall From The Sky in New York. Here’s How.

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Do you have any new year’s Resolutions?

New York has one-upped the tradition of writing down our New Year’s resolutions on a sheet of paper.

Returning again for another year, the Big Apple is allowing those with resolutions to write down their New Year’s Eve wish on the official confetti that will soon coat Times Square to ring in the new year!

Talk about the perfect way to make your goals come true!

So rather than writing down your wishes on lined paper that typically gets lost halfway through the year, let your wish instead, trickle down from the sky and let it be apart of NYE’s celebration!

What’s dubbed the NYE Wishing Wall, New York will soon drop around 3,000 pounds of tiny and colorful confetti filled with hand-written wishes that will soon rain down on the state.

And if you’re too far to make a trip to New York, you can submit your wish online for the same end result of having your hopes, dreams, and resolutions flutter above the streets of Times Square.

Courtesy of @emldr17

To submit your wish digitally, you can visit the Wishing Wall’s website here, but you must do so by December 28 because anything submitted after, will be printed for the next year.

If you plan on writing your goal down in person, you can visit the Times Square Plaza between 46th and 47th streets on Broadway, and just make sure to plan a trip before 8pm on December 28!

The Wishing Wall is open from 11 am to 8 pm and is closed on Christmas Day.

Cheers, to our New Year’s resolutions falling from the sky in Times Square, New York!

Courtesy of @interconnyc

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