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People Are Playing Whamageddon To Avoid Hearing Wham!’s ‘Last Christmas’

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I’ll admit, Wham!’s “Last Christmas” is one of my favorite Christmas songs.

But, they do play it about every 3rd song on the Christmas radio stations. I can see how one would get sick to death of hearing it.

This year, to save themselves from tears, people are retaliating against this Whamageddon by turning it into a fun holiday game.

And, you just might want to join in the fun!!


Whamageddon — the game — actually started 18 years ago by a group of friends in Denmark who keyed into the fact that the song is slightly overplayed on the airwaves.

This creatively festive game has spread across the globe, and now people everywhere are getting in on the antics.

What are the rules to Whamageddon?

There is one solitary rule to Whamageddon, and it’s pretty simple in theory — but you might find it nearly impossible.

You have to avoid “Last Christmas” by Wham! at all costs.

Like, you can’t listen to it AT ALL. Not even the first three notes.

If you are out doing your shopping thing at the local grocery store, and Wham!’s “Last Christmas” happens to pop on the speakers, you are OUT.

If you are at a holiday party, and the playlist happens to include the song, you are OUT.

Flipping radio stations in the car, and happen upon the song? You guessed it — you are OUT.

Now, in the unlikely event that you make it all the way to Christmas Eve without hearing Wham!’s “Last Christmas,” you WIN!

What do you win if you make it to the end of Whamageddon?

Well, not actually anything.

But, you definitely have bragging rights.

Want to make Whamageddon even more fun?

Commemorate the moment you find yourself OUT by taking a selfie, posting it to your favorite social media site, and hashtagging the photo with #whamageddon.

There is some good news: you can listen to any cover of the song you want!

Taylor Swift’s version? Enjoy the hell of it! Jimmy Eat World’s version? Listen all you want! Hilary Duff’s version? Go for it!

You just want to avoid the OG Wham! version of the song.

The game actually starts December 1st, but you can jump in anytime you want.

For more info on the official game of Whamageddon, you can visit the game’s website — yes, there’s a website.

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