You Can Plant ‘Coconut Ice’ Sunflowers With Gradient Cream Petals and I’m In Love

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So I think it’s established that I’m going to grow my very own sunflower garden! There are too many beautiful sunflowers I feel like I’m missing out on, including this new one I want to add to the collection!

Remember the Strawberry Blonde Sunflowers, well, I think this new sunflower I’m about to introduce, will look perfect paired together in any backyard!

However this flower, is not the typical plant you would normally see in a field of sunflowers. But don’t panic, I can tell you exactly how to plant and grow this beautiful hybrid!

It’s called the ‘Coconut Ice” Sunflower and the petals look extravagant!

As we all know, the regular sunflower (that’s also still stunningly beautiful) is commonly known to show bright yellow petals with a dark brown center!

The ‘Coconut Ice’ sunflowers however are a gradient cream colored with a black center, and let me just tell you, comparing these two flowers side by side is amazing to see the difference in appearance, but the similarity in their beauty!

To grow a ‘Coconut Ice’ sunflower, you should surprisingly plant these seeds right after a frost and they will begin to sprout after 7 to 10 days.

And as soon as within about a week and a half, you’ll have your very own ‘Coconut Ice’ Sunflower, however keep in mind that this type of flower will only produce one bloom. But that’s totally okay, because you also have your Strawberry Blonde and regular yellow sunflowers to add for decoration!

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